About Us


Aka & Sohn is a brokerage led by Jochen Aka and Georg Aka.Our business are eggs and egg-products.

The idyllic village of spreda is part of the town Vechta, which is then center of the "german egg-basket". Here our office
is found in a very old farmhouse. In a cirlce of 100 km, the biggest german egg-trader settled down. They trade with about 50 %
of the whole german egg-production.

From here we maintain intensive business relationships to our near foreign neighbours with their voluminous egg-production.

In a distance of 100 km we also have the biggest and most efficient egg-producs-companiers in germany. It produces around 75 % of the german egg-products.
You see, here's a lot of work for our broker company. We support our clients with intensive actuall market information. Every monday we publish a market telgramm which shows up the last week, its course and compares the price lists.

Every month we make a forecast of the Weser-Ems noting Kl.M-br, which helps our clients to assess the market.

The objective assessment of the market is also our target at a telephone call. So our clients ( seller and buyer ) are able to trust us. We tell them about the market how it is and not how it should be.
This is needed to prevent wrong business decisions as often as possible.

So contact us if you're interested. Of course it's possible for you to visit us, too.